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Hungry Hap

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Hungry Hap

by Cynthia Guill

Hungry Hap is a children’s book that captures the affinity and bond between a boy and his adopted, four-footed friend.

A young boy, Henry, and his dad start on their way in search of a loving dog in need of a warm home and find themselves on a wild adventure. Their adopted dog is quite a handful more than they expected. He has a VERY healthy appetite and even GREATER imagination, leading them on an exploration of the island of Nantucket. Along their quest for their dog to feel a bit more healthy, they discover that spending quality time with one another feeds more than just the stomach’s appetite.
They say a dog is a boy’s best friend, but friends of Henry and Hap know this bond is deeper than long walks and turkey treats. The poetic text and heartwarming illustrations evoke the devotion and happiness between the pair.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to
Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals and the
Nantucket Boys and Girls Club.